The first capital of Greece is a beautiful destination, ideal for those seeking to walk through beautiful picturesque alleys, discover its history, but also live unique experiences that you will rarely find all in one place.
Lovers of sophisticated tastes will be delighted by the variety of wines produced in the area. Those who wish to relieve the stress of everyday life will be able to relax with a massage session, while those who love the sea can go yachting by chartering their own private boat. Alternatively, if you like hiking, the trails of Artemisio will not disappoint you, while we also organize tours of archaeological sites so you can learn the history of the area.

Wine tasting

Nafplio, as well as the surrounding areas, will certainly leave wine lovers with the best impressions. In the area you will find many restaurants serving wines from local vineyards, but also wine bars and liquor stores where you will be able to buy local wines.
For those who want a more complete experience, there are guided tasting experiences at various locations that you can choose from to learn more about the history of wine in the region. Finally, if you choose to stay at the IoleBoutique House, you can try the wines you will find in the wine fridge, enjoying the peace and quiet of your residence.

Relaxing massage

Add extra relaxation to your stay in Nafplio by opting for a massage experience. In Nafplio, you will find massage centers with experienced and qualified professionals who will help you relax your body and mind.
Choose between the different types of massage that you will find according to your needs, or one of the treatments offered and take care of yourself in the best way possible by giving this gift to yourself! If you want more information, contact us and we will help you find the best professional.


Enjoy the sea and the magnificent view of Nafplio and the surrounding areas from your own private ship. Yachting is an extremely popular activity in the wider area, as it allows travelers to relax and spend a little more time at sea.
Choose the vessel that suits your needs, from an extremely luxurious one, such as a catamaran with which you will travel longer distances and in more open waters, or a sailboat, to discover the treasures of the Peloponnese coast. Alternatively, if you want something simpler, you will find inflatables to rent, ideal for fun moments at sea.

Artemisio Trails

If you love hiking, you will surely find an experience that suits you on one of the trails of Artemisio. Artemisio is located on the border of Argolis and Arcadia and it offers routes with different scenery.

At Perseas Hospitality we can undertake the organization of hikes on the trails of Artemisio with a certified partner who will guide you throughout the whole route and inform you along the way about all the places you will pass through. Contact us and we will take care of the organization.

Tours to archaeological sites

Like Nafplio, all the areas in Argolis have a long history with many attractions and archaeological sites. Some of the most important archaeological sites in the area are the archaeological site of Mycenae with the famous Lion Gate and the vaulted tombs, the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, famous for its excellent acoustics, as well as the Mycenaean acropolis of Tiryns.
For the convenience of our guests, at Perseas Hospitality, we organize tours to archaeological sites with a private van, suitable for 2 to 22 people. All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of every detail.